Employee Spotlight

The City of Fontana takes pride in employing over 1,200 exceptional individuals. Our employees truly make the City of Fontana a diverse and unique place to work. What better way to showcase their passions, talents and stories than with an Employee Spotlight? All awardees were nominated by co-workers. Get to know City employees below. 
Taylor Starling

February 2021

If you want to see what an "Employee Rockstar" looks like, stop by the Human Resources Department and ask for Taylor. As the Human Resources Technician, Taylor Starling is responsible for recruitment, new employee orientation, the City's Rideshare Program, and organizing the annual Employee Service Awards ceremony - all of which she does with the biggest smile and can-do attitude. 

Darrin Huggins

December 2020

When it comes to traffic flow in Fontana, Supervising Traffic Systems Specialist Darrin Huggins is determined to make your trip from Point A to Point B as efficient and safe as possible. Darrin began his career with the Engineering Department nearly 20 years ago as a Traffic Signal Technician responding to calls about City traffic signals. Today, he leads the traffic signal maintenance team which conducts operations on 207 signalized intersections throughout Fontana. 

Maria Torres

November 2020

As the Administrative Secretary with the Community Development Department, Maria Torres plays a critical role in keeping the department flowing smoothly. With her upbeat attitude, Maria provides her coworkers with administrative support and is always thinking outside the box to find more efficient processes to streamline services and centralize information for both staff and residents. 

IT Service Desk

With limited time to prepare, the Information Technology Service Desk Team was tasked with determining how over 200 City of Fontana employees were going to work remotely due to the State of California's Stay At Home Executive Order. The team of six made it happen, all the while, continuing to provide technical assistance to over 1,000 employees. The Service Desk Team is comprised of Kurt Wagner, Jeffrey Saludares, DJ Johnson, Dylan Mansfield, and Marcus Valdivia, all led by the exceptional IT Support Supervisor.

Jennifer Thompson

March 2020

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure Fontana maintains its standing as a financially strong City. As Accounting Manager, Fontana native Jennifer Thompson assists with keeping all of the City's finances on track. In her position, Jennifer oversees Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and Special District Accounting for the City. "Myself and my team are what I like to refer to as Guardians of the General Ledger; our responsibility is to guard the City’s finances," explains Jennifer.

Travis Robertson

February 2020

Senior Public Works Inspector Travis Robertson works to keep Fontana's infrastructure safe for residents by doing what he loves most, and that is using a critical eye to ensure all projects are the best that they can be. From utility projects to capital improvement projects, Travis and his fellow inspectors perform inspections on an array of projects occurring throughout the City. 

Kevin Ryan

January 2020

A lot of work goes into planning freeway interchanges, just ask Transportation Engineering Manager, Kevin Ryan who worked alongside Caltrans and the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) to ease the flow of traffic by bringing five interchanges to Fontana. These interchanges are just a few of the exciting high profile projects that Kevin has worked on as he approaches his 20-year anniversary with the City of Fontana.   

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