Things to Do

In Fontana, we are united by our sense of community – the commitment and knowledge that we are part of something greater than ourselves. We call it “Fontana Together,” and it’s woven into everything we do – the connections we make with one another, the support of and collaboration with our local businesses. It’s in our infrastructure investment, in our dedication to developing our workforce. We have a collective resolve to ensure the safety and well-being of every resident. We believe in inclusion, equity and opportunity for all. We embrace the diversity of our people, markets and social fabric where both businesses and the community prosper. These small-town values have helped make us the one of largest cities in San Bernardino County. We are a shining example of a high-quality community that works.

The City of Fontana works toward promoting the greater sense of community through investing in services, programs and facilities that are available to the public, including:

  • 59 sports fields (including the Dodgers Dreamfield at Jack Bulik Park)
  • 48 parks
  • 13 community centers
  • 5 aquatic facilities
  • 4 outdoor sports pavilions and fitness centers
  • 3 indoor fitness centers
  • 3 outdoor amphitheaters
  • 2 dog parks
  • 2 skate parks
  • 1 gymnasium
  • 1 outdoor hockey rink
  • 1 library and technology center

These are all open to all that live, work and travel though the city. There are also a number of other activities that that are located in Fontana's sphere of influence these include, the Auto Club Speedway, the Sierra Lakes Golf Course, and multiple hiking trails. 

Art Depot
North Fontana Fountain
Fire Station 71
Trail MV
Dodger Dreamfield