Campaign Electronic Filing System

Pursuant to Government Code Section 84615, a local government agency may require an elected officer, candidate, committee, or other person required to file statements, reports, or other documents required by Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 84100) to file online or electronically, unless the officer, candidate, or committee receive less than $2,000 in contributions and have less than $2,000 in expenditures in a calendar year.

On December 14, 2021, the Fontana City Council adopted Ordinance No. 1878 amending Chapter 7 of the Fontana Municipal Code adding Article III - Related to Mandate Electronic and Paperless Filing of Campaign Finance Disclosure Statements by Elected Officials, Candidates, or Committees.

The ordinance provides filers an opt-in/opt-out function with electronic filing and still allows the Deputy City Clerk to accept a paper filing in lieu of an electronic filing at the Deputy City Clerk’s discretion, under certain circumstances, and to accommodate an ADA request.

Candidates or officeholders who decide to opt-out of the electronic and paperless filing must file a signed waiver at the time nomination papers are filed.

To access the electronic filing portal for campaign filings, please click here.

To access the electronic filing portal for Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700), please click here.

For questions or assistance with electronic filing, please contact the City Clerk's Department at (909) 350-7602.