What is blight?
Section 33031 of the California Community Redevelopment Law, contained in the Health and Safety Code (January 2001), defines the characteristics of blight as follows:
  • Buildings in which it is unsafe or unhealthy for persons to live or work
  • Buildings or lots that cannot be economically used because of substandard size, design, lack of parking and the like, given present standards or physical condition
  • Incompatible adjacent or nearby uses which prevent the development of project area parcels
  • Subdivided lots of irregular form, shape, and size for proper usefulness that are in multiple ownership
  • Depreciated or stagnant property values or impaired investments
  • Abnormally high business vacancies, abnormally low lease rates, high turnover rates, abandoned buildings, or excessive vacant lots
  • A lack of commercial facilities that are normally found in neighborhoods
  • Residential overcrowding or an excess of businesses catering exclusively to adults that has led to problems of public safety and welfare

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