What is a redevelopment plan?
A redevelopment plan for a specific project area is the document that specifies the process and basic financial framework the Redevelopment Agency will use to implement the goals and objectives of Fontana's General Plan and thereby reduce the State-defined blighting conditions. The redevelopment plan identifies the project area's deficiencies and provides the Agency with tools to take certain actions such as to buy and sell land and improve public facilities and infrastructure. In Fontana, there is a redevelopment plan for each of the five project areas: Southwest Industrial Park (SWIP), Jurupa Hills, Downtown, North Fontana, and Sierra Corridor Commercial.

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1. What is "redevelopment"?
2. Does Fontana have a Redevelopment Agency? When was it formed?
3. What is the business of the Fontana Redevelopment Agency?
4. What is the benefit of being in a redevelopment project area?
5. What is blight?
6. What is a redevelopment plan?
7. What is a project area?
8. Why does Fontana have redevelopment projects?
9. How does the Fontana Redevelopment Agency secure funds?
10. Will property taxes be raised because of redevelopment?
11. Does the Fontana Redevelopment Agency have the power of eminent domain (condemnation of property)?
12. What is relocation?
13. If a property owner decides to sell property to the Redevelopment Agency, who determines the selling price?
14. How are the city / county and other taxing agencies affected by property tax revenue lost to the Redevelopment Agency?