Where can I obtain business startup information?

The Inland Empire Small Business Development Center (IESBDC) provides small businesses and entrepreneurs in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties with business assistance services. The IESBDC offers informative seminars and workshops, including a workshop on starting a small business. They also offer specialized services and programs for businesses. You can obtain more information on the services provided by IESBDC on their website or by calling (951) 781-2345.

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1. I am new to the City and want to open a business in Fontana. Who do I contact at the City to help me with the process for opening a business?
2. Who do I contact to get a list of commercial and industrial sites that are available in the City of Fontana?
3. What do I do to start my business once I find a piece of property?
4. Where can I find information about land use and zoning and what can be built on a piece of property in Fontana?
5. What is the process I need to go through with the City to get my plans approved so I can build my building?
6. Where can I obtain business startup information?
7. Where can I get a list of architects and engineers who can assist me with the plans I need to submit to the City?