How do I become a Candidate?

Qualifications for Candidacy

To qualify the candidate must reside and be registered to vote within the jurisdiction at the time nomination papers are issued. More specifically the candidate must be:

1. Registered to vote at a current residence in the City of Fontana
2. Reside in the district in which the candidate is running (Not Applicable for Mayor, City Clerk, or City Treasurer)
3. A citizen of the United States
4.18 years of age or older

Pre-Nomination Period Activities

Prior to soliciting or receiving any contributions related to candidacy, the candidate must file a Statement of Intention (Form 501) with the City Clerk's Office. There are additional filing requirements dependent on the dollar amount of the financial contributions anticipated to be received. 

Please contact the City Clerk's Office at (909) 350-6743 if there are plans to solicit contributions prior to the official filing/nomination period.

Filing Requirements

To become a candidate, the candidate must first be issued nomination papers. This will specify the office that the candidate is seeking. The nomination paper filing period will begin on Monday, July 18, 2022, and will close on Friday, August 12, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. 

A Candidate's Handbook, including an Official Nomination Paper, Candidate's Statement Form, Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Form 700, Campaign Disclosure Forms, and other information concerning the election will be available by appointment at the City Clerk's Office beginning July 18, 2022.

Please contact the City Clerk's Office at (909) 350-6743 or email to schedule an appointment for issuance of the Candidate Packet and Nomination Papers.

Write-In Candidates

Write-In candidates must file a Statement of Write-in Candidacy, Nomination Papers, and a Statement of Economic Interests between September 2022 and October 2022 (exact dates to be added at a later date). Signatures and voter registration information on the nomination papers will be verified in the same manner as a regular nomination paper. Write-in candidates' names do not appear on the ballot or in the sample ballot pamphlet.