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Driving Fontana’s economic engine, the Economic Development department serves with a mission to cultivate a vibrant and ever-expanding business ecosystem. We recognize that robust companies and a thriving local economy are the cornerstones of a prosperous community, and we act as the vital bridge between City Hall and the dynamic heart of Fontana's business landscape.

Our commitment goes beyond mere paperwork and permits. We see ourselves as dedicated partners, offering free consultations and expert guidance in every facet of business development. Whether you're a fledgling entrepreneur navigating the initial twists and turns or a seasoned veteran seeking strategic expansion, our team stands beside you. We help uncover lucrative incentives tailored to your specific needs, discern the most advantageous sites for your venture, and demystify the market landscape, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence. Even the intricacies of permitting compliance become clear and navigable under our experienced gaze. 

Our ambitions extend far beyond individual ventures. We are proactive players in the economic arena, constantly seeking and seizing opportunities to attract new businesses, cultivate new industries, nurture existing ones, and champion their expansion. Whether it's securing strategic partnerships, forging international connections, or spearheading innovative programs, we are relentlessly focused on fostering a robust, diversified economy that weathers any storm. This unwavering commitment to economic resiliency lies at the heart of everything we do, ensuring Fontana's prosperity not just for today, but for generations to come. 

So, whether you're an established local enterprise or a growing startup with your sights set on Fontana, consider us your gateway to success. We are more than just consultants; we are your champions, your collaborators, and your partners in igniting the next wave of economic growth in the heart of this thriving city. 

Amplifying these opportunities necessitates comprehensive and accessible information. That's where Fontana's diverse range of reports become crucial navigational tools. These reports, meticulously crafted by experts, paint a vivid picture of the city's economic landscape, highlighting key trends, potential growth areas, and existing support mechanisms.

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