Current Development Projects

Current Development Areas

Commercial Use

Commercial Development Projects are developments designed, constructed, or intended to accommodate commercial, retail, or office uses. Commercial developments include, but are not be limited to, any establishment used for the wholesale or retail sale of food, beverage, or other merchandise, or any establishment used for providing professional, financial, or other commercial services.

Civic Use

Civic Use Projects are developments that promote the overall well-being of the residents in Fontana. These include the use of land, buildings, or structures for municipal offices and services, and which may include cultural, recreational, athletic, convention, and entertainment facilities owned and/or operated by a governmental agency. 


Residential Development Projects include one-family or multiple-family housing developments, such as one-family residential subdivisions, one-family cluster housing, residential condominiums, and residential site condominiums.

View a current list of residential development here.

Approved Project Packets

View the approved development projects as of September 1st, 2021 (PDF)