View more information about the departments/divisions that make up the Administrative Services Organization: Administration, Community Services, Economic Development, Housing, Information Technology, Management Services, and City Clerk.

Learn how to apply for a building permit, submit plans for review, schedule an inspection, and more.

View information about the City Council, the City's Municipal Code, elections, how to request a public record, and more.

Read about the City Manager and the roles/responsibilities of his office.

Learn how the team works to enhance the appearance of neighborhoods and business districts to prevent blight, protect property values and enhance economic conditions.
View information about recreation and activities, parks and facilities, programs and activities, upcoming community events, and more.

View more information about the departments that make up the Development Services Organization: Community Development (Planning, Building and Safety), Engineering, Fire, and Public Works.

The division focuses on building better job opportunities and attracting high-quality businesses and developers to Fontana. Learn how to start your business, view current projects, and more.

Learn how our Engineers are working to make getting from point A to point B more efficient. View upcoming projects, submit traffic requests, and more.
View information on emergency response services and plans, safety tips, careers, safety inspections, and more.
View information about fair housing, the Housing Authority Board, and various programs to improve and increase quality neighborhoods throughout Fontana.

View open positions, employee benefits, how to volunteer, and more.

Learn how the department is identifying ways to improve communication and collaboration, maintain security, improve efficiency, and more.

The department includes Accounting, Budget, Customer Services, Payroll, and Purchasing. Learn about the City's budget, how to become a vendor, how to obtain a business license, and more.
As "the voice of the City," the office disseminates public information, implements the comprehensive communications strategy plan, and serves as the official spokesperson.
The division is the support staff for the Planning Commission and oversees all commercial, industrial, and residential developments or modifications. View zoning maps, how to submit land use applications, and more.

Learn about emergency response services, how to file reports online, recruitment, animal services code compliance, and more.

View information about how the department maintains the City's infrastructure including streets, sewers, parks, and storm drains. Learn how to report graffiti online and submit maintenance requests.
View information about requesting a claim, claim processes, and more.