Weed Abatement

The City of Fontana Code Compliance conducts semi-annual weed and waste inspections throughout the City.  The purpose of these inspections is to ensure that owners maintain their property free of nuisance conditions as required by the Fontana Municipal Code.


Property owners need to follow and meet the City of Fontana Municipal Code standards personally or by hiring a private contractor. Property that does not comply with standards will be abated by a City contractor at the owner's expense. This is not a free service, and owners are responsible for reimbursing the City’s costs to clean their property.

Property owner responsibilities are:

  • Weeding the subject property by mowing, discing and performing any necessary handwork along fence lines, sidewalks, parkways, driveways, streets or structures.
  • Cleaning the subject property of all green waste, solid waste, trash and debris.
  • Vacant Lots
Size Of Vacant Lots
Abatement Method Required
10 acres or less
Full removal of all weeds, rubbish, trash and debris
More than 10 acres
May employ fire breaks. Breaks shall be 40 feet wide around the perimeter, with 40 foot breaks dividing the parcel so that no portion exceeds 2 1/2 acres.

Firebreaks adjacent to roadways and established developments shall be 100 feet wide. Discing is permitted in the Spring season, and only mowing is allowed in the Fall season, accompanied by any hand work that may be necessary.

South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 403, requires the application of water while discing to control fugitive dust. Contact AQMD at (909) 396-2000 for more information.
May employ fire breaks. It shall be 40 feet wide around the perimeter with 40 foot breaks dividing the parcel so that no portion exceeds 2 1/2 acres.

Non-Compliance Abatement Notice

Notice will be given if one or more of the following violations exist on the subject property (including without limitation):

  • Green Waste

Overgrown, dead or decaying vegetation, tall green grass and weeds

  • Solid Waste

Trash, debris, junk, concrete, asphalt, construction materials, furniture, scrap metal, scrap lumber, machinery, appliance(s), inoperable vehicle(s), equipment, or any portion, piece or part thereof.

Fontana Municipal Code Section 28-1 states a property owner will be given thirty (30) calendar days to complete the abatement.


The weed abatement hearing is conducted 11 weeks after the start of the weed abatement season, for those who wish to dispute the Notice.

Failure to Comply

For violation(s) that are not corrected by the Compliance Deadline Date the City of Fontana will abate the violation(s), and assess all costs against the subject property. A Lien may be filed with the San Bernardino County Assessor against the subject property.

Failure to Abate

Failure to correct the violation(s) by the Compliance Deadline Date shall be deemed your denial of consent for entry onto the property by the City, or it's agents, to abate the violation(s) for purposes of obtaining an abatement warrant  from the court.  Note:  Re-growth of seasonal or recurrent vegetation such as weeds and grasses due to intermittent or late rains may result in a need for multiple weedings of the subject property. Property maintenance should be done on a year-round basis.  If you have any questions, please call Code Compliance at (909) 854-8020.