Building Permits

Permit Process 

There are three steps to obtaining a permit:

  1. Application and Plan Submission
  2. Authorization and Verification 
  3. Permit Generation

Application and Plan Submission

The following is a checklist of the items you will need to apply for permission to start your project:

Authorizations and Verifications

Please Be Advised

If a contractor is actually doing your work and has asked you to obtain a permit, please be aware that you will be assuming the liability for the project, including such things as taxes, personal injury, etc. For complete information, read the Owner Builder Verification document (PDF).

  • Neighbor Authorization (fences and walls only) - Required if you are constructing directly on the property line
  • Owner Builder Verification - If the owner is allowing another person to pull a permit on their behalf
  • Newly Purchased Properties - Owners of newly purchased properties must provide proof of ownership

For questions about these requirements, please contact the Building and Safety Department at (909) 350-7640. 

Permit Generation

After the application and plan have been approved and the required verification and authorizations have been submitted, the building permit will be generated. Your permit will indicate the following:

  • Description of proposed work
  • Contractor information 
  • Owner information
  • Site address
  • Building Permit Number (BLDXX-XXXXXX)
  • Fees

Fee Payment - When the permit is generated, the invoice with the amount due will be given to be processed by the cashier and must be paid at the time of permitting. 

Once the fees are paid, only the signing contractor on record or the owner of the site can sign for the permit. One must obtain written permission that has been notarized by the owner or contractor to be able to pull permits on their behalf.