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Build Fontana

We are excited to announce that we are live with a new permitting/processing system, BUILD FONTANA

Building & Safety will continue to accept permit /plan check applications at our customer service counter, however we encourage you to create an account on our Build Fontana Public Portal  . Using the Build Fontana Public Portal, You will be able to submit applications and download plans from the comfort of your home or office!

We truly appreciate your patience these next few days as we transition from one system to the next.  

Get information, apply, view and research permits
Schedule and view status of inspections
Plan_CheckPlan Check
Request and check on the status of a Plan Check
Code and local AmendmentsCodes & Local Amendments
Codes & Local Amendments
etrakitBuild Fontana
  Online portal apply for permits, projects, pay fees, schedule inspections.
Additional ResourcesAdditional Resources
Access Building associations, commissions, and organizations

We are here to assist in making certain that new construction and remodeled structures are structurally sound and that fire, health, life, and safety requirements are in strict adherence.