Photovoltaic (Solar) Systems

The Building and Safety Division has provided the following items to assist in expediting our plan check and permitting process.

Your can use one of the following Photovoltaic (PV) packets based on the type of system you will be installing or you can use SolarApp :

Register for an account via  Build Fontana Online Portal   

Permit Type Information

After registering for a new account and logging into the online portal, select "Building", then select "Create an Application" 

  • Select: "Building Permit"  then select "SolarPermit" as the Record Type
  • Enter contact information, then "Continue Application"
  • Enter the Address  of the property, the confirm the address from the "Address Search Result List" then click "Continue Application"
  • Verify the address, then click "Continue Application"

Detailed Description

Enter a detailed description of your project. Please include the following items

  1. No. of Modules: Enter the number of Modules the new system will have. 
  2. No. of Inverters: Enter the number of inverters the new system will have.
  3. How many KW (kilowatts): Enter the number of kilowatts the new system will produce.
  4. Type of Inverter: 
    1. Central Line 
    2. Micro
  5. Include a Panel Upgrade?  If yes, enter the amps for the panel upgrade 
  6. Other Notes: Additional information you would like to communicate.  
  7. Select "Property Type"
  8. Enter "Estimated Cost (Job Value)"
  9. Select "Yes" if the permit is going to be pulled as "Owner-Builder". If not, select "No".
  10. Enter the "System Size" in kw
  11. Then click "Continue Application"

Contact Information 

Enter the information of the individual you would like us to contact in regards to this project.


Attach the following:

  • Plans
  • Structural Calculations


After submitting the application, it will be reviewed for completion.  If the application is missing information, a staff person will reach out to request additional information. 

Ready for Payment

When the application is determined to be complete, an email with instructions for payment will be sent. 

Upon payment, your plan check will be reviewed to determine compliance with related code requirements.

Additional Information

California Solar Permitting Guide Book

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