Schedule an Inspection

Requesting Inspections

The City of Fontana has an electronic voice response system to request inspections. To schedule an inspection, call (909) 350-7693 and follow the voice prompts. Inspections are regularly scheduled Monday through Thursday only. An inspection request must be made a minimum of one day prior to the anticipated inspection.

Please note that a lapse of 180 days between inspections will void your building permit and a new permit will be required to resume construction.

Site Inspections
Periodic inspections throughout the construction process are required. If you or your contractor schedule an inspection, and the work to be inspected is not yet complete when the inspector arrives, another inspection will be required. A fee for this additional inspection may be charged prior to the re-inspection. It is incumbent upon you and your contractor to be sure that the work to be inspected is accessible and ready for inspection when the inspector arrives.

In addition, please ensure that a copy of the approved plans and permit are always available on site for the city inspector to review during any field inspection.