About Healthy Fontana

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Healthy Fontana is a community-based and award-winning program that promotes a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on four core components: nutrition, active living, smart growth and community partnerships. Our goal is to create greater awareness of health in our community and inspire people to make impactful changes to their lifestyle that help us all live longer and healthier lives.

Listed below are the Four Core Components of Healthy Fontana. Please Click through to find out more information!

4 Core Components
  1. Nutrition
  2. Active Living
  3. Smart Growth
  4. Community Partnerships


Healthy Fontana promotes practicing proper nutrition for overall health with an emphasis on consuming more fruits and vegetables.

Programs include after-school physical activity and nutrition outreach to 33 Fontana elementary and middle schools: 

  • "Eat Healthy, Fontana!," a cooking show that teaches viewers how to prepare healthy and delicious recipes.


  • Helen Putnam Award of Excellence (Health & Wellness Programs) "Fontana Walks! 2019": Acknowledgement and recognition of outstanding achievements for winning cities that have made unique contributions to community residents. 
    • Improve the quality of life in local communities, implement efficiencies in service delivery and operation, Provide services responsive to the local community.
  • Fontana Walks! program, we have over 3,500 registered participants and have logged over 15.3 billion steps and counting!