Sierra Lakes Specific Plan

Project Location

The Sierra Lakes Specific Plan is located in the northern portion of the City of Fontana, near the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. The development site lies on a broad alluvial plain formed by the Lytle Creek. Additionally, Sierra Lakes is bounded by Summit Avenue on the north, Sierra Avenue on the east, Interstate 210 on the south, and Citrus Avenue on the west.

The second area of the Sierra Lakes Specific Plan is generally bounded by Curtis Avenue on the north, Citrus Avenue on the east, Interstate 210 on the south and Catawba Avenue on the west.

Project Description

The Sierra Lakes Specific Plan provides an innovative mix of complementary land uses.

Residential Land Uses - This type of land use will consist of a maximum 2,035 dwellings of varying density, size, type, and family-orientation. Product types include single-family detached units on lots ranging in size from 3,015 square feet to over 6,000 square feet.

Recreational land uses - These uses are dominated by the 150.3 acre, 18-hole championship golf course, together with the clubhouse and its associated facilities. Other active and passive recreational facilities are provided in the form of dedicated and improved park land and expanded landscape parkways that incorporate pedestrian and bicycle paths.

School Site -  The proposed site within Sierra Lakes would take up 10 acres. The school site will be dedicated to the Fontana Unified School District (FUSD) and serve grades K-5. Recreational equipment and playfields associated with the school grounds will be available for public use during non-school hours.

Commercial Land Uses - These areas will accommodate office, retail, and consumer service uses oriented toward neighborhood, community and regional markets. Sierra Lakes will accommodate a high-profile corporate center/restaurant row and related business park facilities.

Listed below is the link to the PDF version of the specific plan. Due to the size of the document, please be patient as it uploads.

Sierra Lakes Specific Plan Document (PDF).

For More Information

Please feel free to contact the Planning Department at (909) 350-6718 or via email with any questions you have about this specific plan.