Fontana Promenade Specific Plan

Project Location

The Fontana Promenade Specific Plan encompasses approximately 125 gross acres in the north-central portion of the City of Fontana, on the sloping alluvial plain of the nearby San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains, in western San Bernardino County. Regionally, this area of Fontana is approximately five miles west of the City of San Bernardino, 17 miles north of the City of Riverside and 50 miles east of the City of Los Angeles.

The site is just south of the Sierra Avenue/Interstate 210 freeway interchange, giving the project site direct access to the regional freeway transportation system. The nearby Interstate 15, Interstate 10, Highway 60, and Interstate 215 freeways also provide regional access to the project area.

Additionally, the Promenade is located in the north-central part of Fontana west of the Walnut Village Specific Plan, and south of the Sierra Lakes Specific Plan, next to the Fontana Auto Center and the Interstate 210 freeway.

Project Description

The Fontana Promenade Specific Plan is a 125-acre master-planned mixed-use community that focuses on creating a vibrant, people-oriented place combining a wide range of retail and office space uses as well as shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities with a variety of residential product types and densities.

The Pointe Promenade Pedestrian walkway within the Specific Plan area is a central, north / south curvilinear corridor that encourages residents and visitors to enjoy a village atmosphere with quaint shops, quality restaurants, movie theaters and other entertainment uses.

Additionally, the focal point of The Fontana Promenade is a unique traffic circle, or roundabout, along Walnut Avenue that incorporates a pedestrian bridge and tower feature that bring together the southern and northern portions of the Specific Plan project area. The community’s theme focuses on a walled Tuscan village with a protected and pleasant central promenade that reflects a strong Mediterranean design influence.

Listed below is the link to the PDF version of the specific plan. Due to the size of the document, please be patient as it uploads.

Fontana Promenade Specific Plan (PDF)
Fontana Promenade SPA No. 1 (PDF)

For More Information

Please feel free to contact the Planning Department at (909) 350-6718 or via email with any questions you have about this specific plan.