Empire Center Specific Plan

Project Location

Empire Center is located in the southeast sector of the City of Fontana. The specific plan is generally bounded on the north by the Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad, on the east by the city limits boundary, on the south by Slover Avenue, and on the west by Sierra Avenue.

Project Description

The City has taken various actions since 1990 that have covered the 292.5-acre Empire Center Specific Plan or the more than 500-acre Empire Center project area. The Empire Center will include the following areas:

  • Business park
  • Community commercial area
  • Entertainment center
  • Neighborhood commercial area
  • Park and ride facility
  • Promotional center
  • Regional mall

The northwestern part of the project site has been part of the City of Fontana for a number of years. The southeastern portion of the site was recently annexed to the city as Annexation Number 111.

Listed below is the link to the PDF version of the specific plan. Due to the size of the document, please be patient as it uploads.

Empire Center Specific Plan Document (PDF)

For More Information

Please feel free to contact the Planning Department at (909) 350-6718 or via email with any questions you have about this specific plan.