Citrus Heights North Specific Plan

Project Location

The Citrus Heights North Specific Plan is located in the northern portion of the City of Fontana, near the foot of the San Gabriel Mountain. Located within western San Bernardino County, the property is situated approximately 52 miles east of the City of Los Angeles and 15 miles north of the City of Riverside. Regional access to the site and to the City of Fontana is provided by interstate 10, 15, and 210.

Specifically, the Citrus Heights North Specific Plan area is bordered on the south by Summit Avenue, on the east by Citrus Avenue, and on the west by Lytle Creek Road. Access to individual development areas within the community are made possible from these roadways, as well as from Knox Avenue, which will be extended from Summit Avenue northeasterly through the Specific Plan area to connect with Citrus Avenue.

Project Description

Citrus Heights North is envisioned as a master-planned community containing the following:

  • Maximum of 1,161 homes
  • Neighborhood commercial center
  • Public and private recreational facilities

A variety of detached and attached residential homes will be provided to achieve a complementary mix of housing types that will appeal to a wide range of future homebuyers and create a synergistic community of villages. Public and private recreation amenities will enhance the area and include such facilities as a community sports center, neighborhood parks, and a comprehensive trail system. In addition, a neighborhood commercial center is planned in the southeastern portion of the community to provide retail services to the project residents and to the community at large. The residential portions of the community will be gated and will contain private internal streets while the commercial center, community sport center, and associated public park will be accessible to the general public.

Surrounding Infrastructure Improvements

As part of the development, infrastructure improvements will be made to the surrounding circulation system, including widening, landscaping, street lighting, and sidewalk installation along the property’s frontage with Summit Avenue, Citrus Avenue and Lytle Creek Road.

Knox Avenue will be extended and improved through the Specific Plan area northerly from Summit Avenue to connect Citrus Avenue. Other infrastructure improvements will also be installed to support the development such as water, wastewater, and drainage systems.

Two utility easements traverse the western, northern, and southern portions of the project site, which will remain and are not included within the Specific Plan boundaries. Disturbances within the utility easements may include installation of trails, landscaping, or community gardens as well as one crossing of the easement by the extension of Knox Avenue and one crossing at the midpoint of the development to connect the two villages.

Any community feature or access points proposed within the easement will require coordination and approval by Southern California Edison. Development of roadways and public facilities will occur concurrently with residential development and are planned to accommodate the build-out requirements of Citrus Heights North, ensuring that the City’s standards for orderly growth are implemented.

Listed below is the link to the PDF version of the specific plan. Due to the size of the document, please be patient as it uploads.

Citrus Heights North Specific Plan - July 2022 (PDF)
Citrus Heights North Specific Plan - Amended 2019 (PDF)
Citrus Heights North Specific Plan (Previous Version) (PDF)
Draft Environmental Impact Report (PDF)
Final Environmental Impact Report (PDF)

For More Information

Please feel free to contact the Planning Department at (909) 350-6718 or via email with any questions you have about this specific plan.