Fontana Senior Safety Network

Are you worried about your own safety or that of someone you love? Elder abuse is a real concern that affects approximately 1 out of 10 adults over the age of 60 and is something the Fontana Community Senior Center takes very seriously. 

Why We Need the Network

Elder abuse, both physical and financial, can leave permanent and irreparable damage. In addition, investigations and potential resolutions can be both complex and long term.

Who We Are

The Fontana Senior Safety Network is a group of individuals and agencies serving the senior community from a wide range of disciplines. The professionals involved in this network come from diverse backgrounds such as:

  • Behavioral health agencies
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Law enforcement
  • Prosecution
  • Social services
  • Specialized investigations

The Fontana Senior Safety Network is taking this common interest one step further by focusing on prevention. By sharing information and resources, this networking team can aide affiliated agencies through mutual goals and mutual support.

Goals of the Network

The goals of the Fontana Senior Safety Network include:

  • Community awareness of crime trends, fraud schemes, and safety hazards
  • Dissemination of protection and prevention information
  • Information exchange via networking with the City Senior Center and affiliated agencies
  • Participation in facility design and program recommendations for the City Senior Recreation Center
  • Referral service for activities, support groups, and senior resources