Electronic Disposal Checklist

Prior to disposing of your electronics such as computers and mobile devices, the City of Fontana recommends the following:

  1. Computer Disposal List
  2. Mobile Device Disposal List

Transfer software to your new computer

  • Identify software on your existing computer you want to use on your new computer.
  • Take down license key information.
  • Un-register software from existing computer.
  • Locate install files and back them up.  Some software vendors have install files available online.
  • Note: The steps you need to take to secure information for purchased software vary. Contact the software vendor for additional information. 

Back up your files

Erase all data from your computer

Remove all devices and media attached

  • Check CD-ROM drives, remove USB receivers and disconnect all cables.

Computer Disposal Checklist

Now you are ready to bring your E-Waste to Public Works.


The information above is only a recommendation and the provided guidelines do not guarantee your privacy.