FELP Highlights

group of students learning from staff member about nature around them

FELP Takes Our Program Outdoors to Lytle Creek

Starting from September 2023 through February 2024, FELP is providing program participants with the opportunity to attend a field trip to Lytle Creek. At the field trip students are given the opportunity to explore on marked trails, experience wildlife, meet Smokey the Bear, and learn from Nature Center staff about fun nature facts while exploring the community around them. "We visited the Ranger Station and enjoyed a nature walk where we learned about plants that are native to Southern California, had a tour of their Ranger Station with Ranger Joe and got to touch a real snake. It was all great fun!" - Miss Kim, FELP Site Lead, Palmetto

Lights on After School

Lights on After School - Shadow Hills Elementary School 

FELP hosted our annual Lights on After School event. This event invites program participants and their families to join in on a night of fun at our after school programs throughout the City of Fontana. This allows us to celebrate the positive outcomes that after school programs provide to the community. "This year at our Lights on After School Event, program participants took part in a variety of activities. Staff began by painting a Snoopy silhouette on a large poster board and later enjoyed the photo opportunity with students. Staff took the opportunity to teach participants how silhouettes were created and provided each student with the materials to paint their very own. Program participants later shared their paintings with the class and their families." - Ms. Laura, FELP Site Lead, Shadow Hills

students seated in classroom following instructions on laptops from teacher

4 students showing their dream school flag for college

FELP staff making smoothie with students

ELOP 3D Printing Club - Fontana Middle School

During our after school program, program participants are encouraged to take advantage of the time they have during after school hours to continue their education in a fun and new way. Program participants are able to go from FELP and sign into the after school clubs we call ELOP. In the picture shown to the left, program participants are learning about 3D printing, and by doing that, they are learning the first steps to coding and computer technology. 

College and Career Readiness - Oleander Elementary School

College and career readiness starts now for FELP. Our FELP lesson plans have monthly themes that align with real world lessons. Our lesson plans expose program participants to the idea of college and career readiness which allows them to begin planning to be ready when the day comes in their future. "Staff explained to the participants the importance of school and the variety of different colleges/universities/careers that they could choose from based on their interests. Participants had fun creating their dream school flags and graduation caps along with other fun college and career readiness activities." - Ms. Wendy, FELP Site Lead, Oleander 

FELP Cooking Club and Collaboration with Healthy Fontana

At FELP, we educate program participants through our monthly concepts of healthy living topics. We collaborate with our City of Fontana partners such as Healthy Fontana to derive different cooking lessons, such as smoothie making in the picture to the left. Program participants learn new recipes to make a healthy snack, or meal, that they can implement in their day to day living. We can't wait to see what's on the menu for next month!