Environmental Documents

Pursuant to Article 13, Sections 15200 through 15206 of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), public agencies are required to provide a public review period in order to receive and evaluate public reactions to environmental issues related to proposed public and private projects. 

Notice of Preparation (NOP) - A NOP is a notice of preparation that tells the public and other agencies that an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is being prepared and indicates the scope of the environmental study to be completed.

Notice of Availability (NOA) – A NOA is a notice of availability that announces a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) is available for review.

Current NOP’s and NOA’s can be found within the gray column listed on the left of this page.

Environmental documents for current projects that have been scheduled for a Planning Commission meeting or City Council date can be found within the calendar year links listed below. The documents are listed by meeting date and project title.

  1. Current NOP's and NOA's
  2. Hemlock Warehouse Project

Environmental Documents for Planning Commission and City Council Meetings (Planning Projects):

2024 Projects
2023 Projects
2022 Projects

For more information regarding the documents published on this page, please contact the Planning Department at (909) 350-6718 or via email

Si desea informacion en Español referente a estos documentos o proyectos, favor de comunicarse al (909) 350-6728 o por email.