General Plan Update 2015 - 2035

The General Plan is the guiding document that provides residents, elected officials, business owners, and other stakeholders with direction on how to meet the needs of a growing city and provides a greater quality of life for its current and future residents. All of this can be accomplished by carrying out the policies within the plan.

On November 13, 2018, the City of Fontana adopted its most recent General Plan, which can be thought of as the City’s constitution or long-range blueprint for its physical development. The State of California mandates that every city and county adopt a general plan. The General Plan details the community’s vision by identifying goals and objectives over the next 20 years.

City Council Resolution 2023-088 (PDF)
City Council Resolution 2018-096 (PDF)
City Council Resolution 2018-097 (PDF)

General Plan Update Chapters:
Acknowledgments and Table of Contents (PDF)
Chapter 1 - Vision and Principles (PDF)
Chapter 2 - Trends for Fontana's Future (PDF)
Chapter 3 - Engaging the Fontana Community (PDF)
Chapter 4 - Community and Neighborhoods (PDF)
Chapter 5 - Housing (PDF)
Chapter 6 - Building a Healthier Fontana (PDF)
Chapter 7 - Conservation, Open Space, Parks and Trails (PDF)
Chapter 8 - Public and Community Services (PDF)
Chapter 9 - Community Mobility Circulation - Updated July 2023(PDF)
Chapter 10 - Infrastructure and Green Systems (PDF)
Chapter 11 - Noise and Safety (PDF)
Chapter 12 - Sustainability and Resilience (PDF)
Chapter 13 - Economy, Education, and Workforce Development (PDF)
Chapter 14 - Downtown Area Plan - Updated July 2023(PDF)
Chapter 15 - Land Use, Zoning, and Urban Development - Updated July 2023(PDF)
Existing Land Use Map - Exhibit 15.2; Page 15.9 (PDF)
Existing Zoning Map - Exhibit 15.3; Page 15.11 (PDF)
Future Land Use - Exhibit 15.8; Page 15.23(PDF)
Chapter 16 - Stewardship and Implementation (PDF)
Appendix One - Background Report (PDF)
Appendix Two - Mobility, Best Practices, White Paper (PDF)
Appendix Three - State Approved Housing Element 2014-2021 (PDF)
Appendix Four - Statistically Significant Random Sample Public Opinion Survey Report (PDF)
Appendix Five - Environmental Impact Report (PDF)
Appendix Six - Environmental Justice (PDF)

Draft Environmental Impact Report (PDF)
Final Environmental Impact Report (PDF)

2015-2035 General Plan Update - Complete Document - Updated July 2023 (PDF) - Please allow a couple of minutes for this document to download.

General Plan Land Use Map - July 2023 (PDF)
General Plan Proposed Land Use Categories Map - July 2023 (PDF)

For more information please contact the Planning Department at (909) 350-6718 or via email.