K-9 Unit

The primary function of the K-9 Unit is the use of the canine olfactory ability to locate people and/or contraband. The K-9 unit supports other units department units such as patrol, and narcotics.  

  • Currently, there are six K-9 / handler teams
  • Each team is trained in handler protection, suspect searches, narcotics, explosives and firearms


  • Educate the community about the demeanor, training, dependability and benefit of the dogs
  • More than 25 demonstrations are performed each year to businesses, community groups and schools
  • The K-9 Unit periodically visits the pediatric ward at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana to reflect the true nature and value of the dogs
  • To schedule a demonstration, contact Sergeant Kurt Schlotterbeck at (909) 350-7771 or email
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The Fontana Police K-9 Unit is supported by a nonprofit, volunteer organization called the Fontana Police K-9 Pals. K-9 Pals are considered an integral part of the Fontana Police K-9 program. K-9 Pals:

  • Donate funding to purchase dogs and equipment
  • Pay for training and some medical expenses
  • Support results in the City of Fontana not using any public funds to purchase a Police Service Dog for the past 20 years
  • For more information on the K-9 Pals, visit Fontanak9pals

Additional Information

For more information contact Lieutenant Tracy Dills at (909) 854-8011 or email