Lost & Found Pets, Adoption/Surrender

All of our lost and found animals are taken to:

Western Riverside County City/County Animal Shelter

6851 Van Buren Boulevard
Jurupa Valley CA 92509
951-358-PETS (7387)

Reclaim Your Pet

When you reclaim your pet, there will be fees assessed. Fees cover the cost of

  • Impoundment
  • Board
  • Vaccination
  • Veterinary Care

Dogs and cats (excluding livestock) are given a vaccination upon impoundment to protect them due to the exposure.


Board$15 (per day)
Vaccination$29 (5-way)


Board$15 (per day)
Vaccination$15 (3-way)


Large Animal$75 plus daily board fee $20 and hauling fee (varies)
Medium Animal$60 plus daily board fee $20 and hauling fee (varies)
Small Animal$5 plus daily board fee $12 and hauling fee (varies)

Adopting Pets

We do not currently provide adoption services. There are several independent organizations to choose from. Listed below are some websites that provide information on how and where you can adopt a pet:

Surrender Your Pet

If you are resident of the City of Fontana and need to give up your animal either for adoption or to be humanely put to sleep, you may bring the animal into the Riverside County Animal Shelter. Requests for euthanasia will be done on the same day the animal is turned in. Those animals suitable for adoption are made immediately available for adoption, signature requested, but a guarantee is not given in finding the pet a new home. The time period which an animal is maintained at the shelter is undeterminable. Many factors are taken into consideration before the animal is chosen to be humanely euthanized.