City Manager's Office

The City Manager’s Office provides the executive leadership to ensure the City Council’s goals and policies are implemented. 

Matt Ballantyne was appointed as City Manager on February 22, 2022. His effective date was April 18, 2022.  He works directly with the Mayor and Council on all policy issues while also heading up the City’s Executive Leadership Team. 

The Office includes Legislative Affairs, Grants Management, and the Communications and Marketing Office.

Legislative Affairs

The Legislative Affairs Office monitors federal and state legislation and engages in advocacy efforts to advance the City’s interests in Sacramento, CA, and Washington, D.C.

Grants Management

The Grants Management Office is responsible for managing applications for federal and state funding.

Communications and Marketing Office

The Communications and Marketing Office is responsible for planning and implementing a comprehensive marketing and communications program for the City of Fontana. Part of the communications program includes the dissemination of public information about the City to the media and the public. The office oversees the content shared on the City's website and all City of Fontana social media channels.

Economic Development Department

The Economic Development Department exists to encourage business growth and diversity in the Fontana community, providing a favorable business climate, and continuously improving the number of quality jobs through office, retail and industrial development.