Coyote Safety Tips

Coyotes play an important role in the ecosystem by helping to keep rodent populations under control. They will inhabit areas that provide easy access to food, whether developed or undeveloped. Coyotes are fearful of humans by nature and will avoid humans whenever possible. When it comes to attracting coyotes into neighborhoods or interactions with coyotes, residents should take the following precautions:

Food, Water & Garbage Precautions

  • Put garbage in tightly closed containers that cannot be tipped over.
  • Remove sources of water, especially in dry climates.
  • Bring pets in at night, and do not leave pet food outside.
  • Put away bird feeders at night to avoid attracting rodents and other coyote prey.
  • Provide secure enclosures for rabbits, poultry, etc.
  • Pick up fallen fruit and cover compost piles.

General Precautions

  • Never feed or attempt to tame coyotes. The result may be conflicts with pets or livestock.
  • Do not leave small children or pets outside unattended.
  • Install motion-sensitive lighting around the house.
  • Trim ground-level shrubbery to reduce hiding places.
  • Be aware that coyotes are more active in the spring when feeding and protecting their young.
  • If followed by a coyote, make loud noises. If this fails, throw rocks in the animal’s direction.
  • Although rare, if a coyote attacks a person, immediately contact 9-1-1 or the nearest Department of Fish and Game.


  • Emergency 9-1-1
  • Non Emergency (909) 350-7700
  • San Bernardino County Trapper 1(800)344-6567