A Brief History

The Fontana Redevelopment Agency was formed in May 1968 upon the establishment of the Downtown Redevelopment Project Area. The Downtown Redevelopment Project was designed as a long-range planning and revitalization effort, as were the subsequent Jurupa Hills, North Fontana, Sierra Corridor, and Southwest Industrial Park projects. The major goals for these five project areas are to remove blight, promote efficient and aesthetic land uses, and to stimulate private investment in Fontana.

The percentage of land in the redevelopment project areas represents approximately 65% of the City's residential, retail, commercial, and industrial properties (This percentage dropped from 72% in 2006 as a result of annexing more than 4,000 acres). These properties receive exceptional, active participation from the Fontana Redevelopment Agency. Through these efforts, these properties can experience economic, social, physical, and environmental revival.

Fontana's revitalization is one of the bright spots in San Bernardino County's economy. The Community Development Department and its Redevelopment Agency continue to aggressively keep Fontana on its growth plan into the 21st century. This website will give you insight into the business climate that has made Fontana a growth center in Southern California.

Additional Information
For additional information, please contact the Redevelopment Agency at (909) 350-6792.