Implementation Plans

The Five-Year Implementation Plan describes the Agency's proposed goals and objectives, programs, resources, and expenditures and explains how these proposed programs, projects, and activities will alleviate the conditions of blight within the Agency's Project Areas during the next five years.

Past Implementation Plans
On December 6, 1994, the Agency adopted its first Five-Year Implementation Plan (Fiscal Years 1994 - 1999). The second Five-Year Implementation Plan was adopted on December 7, 1999 (Fiscal Years 1999-2004). The third Five-Year Implementation Plan was adopted on November 16, 2004
(Fiscal Years 2004-2009). The current Plan is the fourth Five-Year Implementation Plan adopted on December 9, 2009 covering Fiscal Years 2009 through 2014. All four Five-Year Implementation Plans cover the five adopted redevelopment project areas that encompass an estimated 16,448 acres of the City’s incorporated territory.

Additionally, pursuant to the requirements of the CRL, the Agency has held a mid-term public hearing on the progress of each Five-Year Implementation Plan and has subsequently published a progress report for each plan.

Current Implementation Plans
For the current implementation plans, please view: