Practice Drills


ED.I.T.H (Exit Drills In The Home) and D.A.N (Drills At Night) are acronyms to help you remember what to do.

What to Do
Take the drills seriously as you are practicing with your life! The following are tips on how to handle practice drills:

  • When you hear the alarm, stay low and crawl to your exit. Smoke and gasses can kill you, so staying low will ensure better air.
  • Time is critical. Do not worry about gathering valuables or pets. The key is to get out and stay out until emergency personnel allow you back in.
  • Use the back of your hand to test the door and doorknob for heat. If you feel heat do not open the door, use your second exit. If the door is cool to the touch, slowly open it and look for smoke and/or flames. If clear, crawl toward your exit.
  • Feel or count items along the way so you become familiar with your surroundings. In a real fire it will be completely dark and you will be disoriented from the smoke.
  • Go directly to your outside meeting place and wait for everyone in the house to exit. Designate someone that will call 9-1-1 from a neighbors house (during a real fire).
  • Once the drill is over, find out what worked and what needs improvement.

Each family / household will have different circumstances, so you need to add things that apply to you. Also, remember that there are different situations if you live in an apartment, condominium, or hotel / motel.