Former RDA Available Parcels


Assembly Bill 1484, enacted in June of 2012, requires all successor agencies for former redevelopment agencies that owned property as of the time of redevelopment dissolution in 2011 to prepare a Long Range Property Management Plan (LRPMP). The LRPMP governs the disposition and use of property held by the former redevelopment agency pursuant to legal requirements.

Executive Summary

On May 23, 2014 the Successor Agency to the Fontana Redevelopment Agency received a Determination Letter (PDF) from the Department of Finance approving the LRPMP.

The former Fontana Redevelopment Agency is the owner of record on the title for 113 parcels in Fontana. Seventy (70) of the parcels will be transferred to the City or other local government agencies to continue their existing governmental uses serving the community. Forty-three (43) parcels were designated for sale pursuant to current legal requirements. As of December 2015, all forty-three parcels have either been sold or transferred as obligated and approved by the LRPMP.

Contact Information 

For more information email Economic Development at (909) 350-6741 or email.